Sufio: Professional Invoices

Below you can find Sufio: Professional Invoices Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of PDF Invoice apps. Sufio: Professional Invoices app was developed by Sufio. The rating is 4.9 based on 468 reviews. Sufio: Professional Invoices price From $19/month. 14-day free trial.

Launch date: July, 2013

Sufio: Professional Invoices summary.

Sufio is a powerful invoicing solution trusted by leading merchants in 75 countries. Automatically create and send professional invoices, credit notes, and other documents. Build powerful custom workflows that cater to your business needs. Our invoices are validated by certified accountants, ensuring your documents meet worldwide regulations for both B2C and B2B sales. Build your brand with professionally designed and easy-to-customize invoice templates. Stand out and impress your customers. Our stellar support team will help you correctly configure your invoices and taxes.

Sufio: Professional Invoices features.
  • Automatically create and send invoices, credit notes, receipts, and reminders
  • Be compliant in over 50 countries and translate your documents into 35 languages
  • Customize your template by including your logo, brand colors, and premium fonts
  • Print or download thousands of PDF invoices at once for easy sharing
  • Sell B2B by validating EU VAT numbers and setting customers as tax-exempt
Best reviews:
Date: April 12, 2023
Author: LEDVANCE e-shop
Sufio has a great support system. Any customization we need is handled really quick. Great app and great team. Show more
Date: April 17, 2023
Author: Deyga Global
We got quick support from the app team and some minor customization on invoices free of cost. Show more
Date: April 27, 2023
Author: Evolanguage-Frankfurt
Great app in connection with Shopify, some steps could be automated. Many thanks to the support and the IT team!!! Show more
Date: April 26, 2023
Author: Disposable Medical Supplies Australia
Amazing customer service and super easy to set up. I would highly recommend Sufio if you need a tax invoice solution for your customers on Shopify. Show more
Date: April 24, 2023
Author: West One Music Group
Fantastic product and some of the best support (Thank you Ly) that we've ever experienced. Sufio feels like the most easily customizable solution out there and support will help for anything more complex. Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: October 14, 2020
Author: Compackable
I installed the app hoping it could help me collect VAT Numbers on checkout, but at no point did they mention, in text or videos, that you need Shopify Plus to customize your checkout, which means this app is useless. It cannot collect VAT number in checkout without you being on the Shopify Plus plan, so it really has no place in the world as you can easily have the functions of this app setup in Shopify Plus. Why in the world someone would need, to pay for this app on top of the already insane starting cost of 2000 USD per month for Shopify Plus, is beyond me. Show more
Date: June 11, 2020
Author: DealsPassion
scam app taking money for not doing anything and not showing up in the app menu that it will cost me something from a certain date like the other apps do. SCAM Show more
Date: January 25, 2020
Author: Naturacig
The presentation of SUFIO is a fraud, it deceives the clients and it is totally illegal. It is written: “Sufio invoices are compliant with legislation in France, the EU and over 50 countries worldwide”. It’s wrong because the invoices generated by SUFIO are not respectful of the EU tax regulation. I checked the invoices in detail with my accountant and my lawyer (specialist in tax law). The app SUFIO is not able to manage discounts on the invoices. In fact, SUFIO does incorrect calculation and shows incorrect prices when a discount is applied (the unit prices of the products are changed by the application). Up to now, I paid to use SUFIO but all my invoices (with a discount) generated by SUFIO are wrong. I have sent them a lot of emails with many details in order to find a solution. At the beginning, they said that the problem was due to the Shopify's configuration. After, they said: “this is simply how Shopify calculates prices when VAT is included. It is not something that Sufio can have any affect on.” Finally, after months, they recognized the problem and said : “our development team were actually already aware of this issue and are currently working on an update to this feature to make sure the calculation is done correctly”. They asked me to wait again months, they didn't solve anything, and they didn’t change their false presentation. I contacted Shopify support to warn them of this problem of calculation and display of incorrect prices and I am surprised that they let SUFIO continue to sell this app with a false presentation on the Shopify App Store! I have lost a lot of time, and I think it is not serious and respectful for actual and future clients of SUFIO. The sellers that are using Shopify with SUFIO are concerned. They can be controlled by the administration and suffer heavy penalties. I think these sellers are not aware about that and solving the problem quickly would have been essential. Show more
Date: September 03, 2019
I needed an app to print /export invoices. I could not customize the template the way i wanted. Just changing the word "Invoice" to something else was not possible. The customer service was not pleasant neither I don't get the fuss? There is better and cheaper app. Printout Designer by example. Show more
Date: August 07, 2019
Author: lotuscrafts3
The app is wrongly claiming and advertising to cover EU VAT validation and handling of B2B EU intra community supply purchases. It simply cant do it. And I was very surprised that the app developers dont seem to (want to) understand the basic legal requirement regarding EU VAT regulations. Since the tool does not change any prices after VAT validation in the frontend (!) the sufio support recommended us the exclude taxes from prices. This is an even worse solution, it is simply illegal in the EU to add VAT at the checkout, prices must be shown at any time inkl. VAT. I know its shopifys fault that there is no VAT ID check possible during checkout but if your tool cant fix this stop claiming otherwise. Furthermore one has to be clear that VAT IDs collected by the plugin are only added as a "tag" and thus are not shared through the shopify API and thus cannot be exported to any ERP. Show more

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