Below you can find PriceMole Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Price tracking apps. PriceMole app was developed by PriceMole. The rating is 4.9 based on 51 reviews. PriceMole price From $99/month. 14-day free trial.

Launch date: September, 2017

PriceMole summary.

Automated Competitor Price Monitoring and Customizable Repricing Strategies with Actionable Insights PriceMole - the ultimate competitor price monitoring and price tracking solution for eCommerce. With automation, save hundreds of hours manually checking competitor prices. Boost profits +20% by optimizing prices at the right time and using historical analytics. Empower shopper's confidence with a competitor price comparison widget. PriceMole believes all data is yours - download at any time! We offer ALL INCLUSIVE Pricing, no hidden fees or add ons! Our Team is here to support you 24/7!

PriceMole features.
  • Maximize Profits: Analyze competitor prices, strategy performance to boost sales
  • Automate Competitor Monitoring: Track ANY competitor prices and availability
  • Automate Repricing Strategies: Optimize prices with customizable dynamic rules
  • Historical Pricing Charts and Order & Revenue Reports to maximize opportunities
  • Customizable Comparison Widget for your website to Empower Shoppers
Best reviews:
Date: October 07, 2022
This app has all the features required and does a LOT of heavily lifting! If you have 1K+ products that need to be monitored, this is a must. Apart from this the support from Jay is absolutely amazing. He has been very very patient, with someone like myself who is not very technologically minded. The only thing that I would suggest, is more guidance in how to do specific tasks, where to find certain information etc. There is a youtube channel, but I found the information on there is quite broad and not specific, with how to do nitty gritty things. Like for instance, I didn't realise that you could filter search results etc... I am sure that this is covered within one of the videos, however, you have to watch through a lot of information that you don't need, just to find that needle in a haystack information. The support is very very supportive and PriceMole will be a main feature in the running of the new website! Thank you! Show more
Date: October 12, 2022
Author: XDaySale
Good apps, clear format, easy use, fast responsive. Amazing support, Dara is friendly and patient. Will definitely recommend. Show more
Date: October 18, 2022
Author: L.O.L. Surprise! Official Store
I used this app to monitor over 500 SKUs across multiple websites and it works great. What I really liked that was unexpected was the customer service and support behind the software. Very responsive team ready to provide insight and troubleshoot, or even jump in and fix the problem on their end without work on from our team. By the way the "troubles" were mainly user error. Special thanks to Dara, Jay, and Angela! Highly recommended. Show more
Date: March 17, 2023
Author: Evolution Power Tools UK
Fantastic App and even better support from the team. Working with Jay who has been very fast to respond on any requests during the set up of 2 websites. So far the app is working and easy to adjust specific products. Highly recommend if you're looking to be the best price or the average price of specific competitors. The daily/weekly reporting is perfect too. We've seen conversion rates, sessions and AOV increase since launching Priemole. Show more
Date: May 05, 2023
Author: Health Orchard
I have been very satisfied with PriceMole. Their customer service is quick and helpful, and they have been willing to answer all my questions and provide a service that is unique to my Shopify store. Plus, their app works well in scraping websites for prices. Overall, I am happy to have found and work with them. Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: April 05, 2021
Author: Filthbomb Breaks
Terrible app. Only works half the time, developer doesn't even respond anymore. At this point, I take the lack of communication as admission that they know it doesn't work. Too many times I have lost out on profits and this app has set my price at my cost plus shipping when my competitors go out of stock numerous times. Also, 20% of all products tracked ended up having different tracked prices than the price on the site being tracked. Sent an inquiry, no response. The "remove item" when competitors are out of stock sets the quantity you have in stock to 999 instead of removing it which makes zero sense. I doubt anyone who actually uses this app really reviewed it. Literally lost thousands and none of my concerns get addressed. Show more
Date: September 12, 2017
Author: Buysupps
App not working at all. I guess that's why it is in beta version. Had to delete it. Great idea, hope you guys can get the app to work. Show more
Date: December 21, 2021
Author: Minasari Home
When sales people forget the 2 months for free discount, I get pissed off. They charged me right away the full amount. The app makes no sense. You need to manually add the SKU URLs to the app. The comeptition does it automatically for you. We have at least 3000 SKUs I want to monitor. At least offer some kind of upload for free. No thanks Show more

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