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Below you can find Product Reviews Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Product Reviews apps. Product Reviews app was developed by The rating is 4.9 based on 428 reviews. Product Reviews price Free plan available. 14-day free trial.

Launch date: August, 2014 Product Reviews summary.

Collect verified reviews from your happy customers. After reading verified reviews, visitors are 4x more likely to convert into paying customers and have a 28% higher basket value on average. is customizable to fit your brand, supports multi-lingual stores and integrates with your existing tech stack. Product Reviews features.
  • Display your reviews next to your Google Ads & Google Shopping Listings.
  • Send automated review requests via our dashboard or tech partners like Klaviyo.
  • Collect UGC from your happy customers.
  • Collect first party attribution data from your customers.
  • Import your existing reviews & UGC in minutes.
Best reviews:
Date: January 20, 2023
Author: Buell Wetsuits & Surf was introduced to us through a colleague as a fresh, new means of collecting reviews, UGC, and enhancing our customer experience through our website. I'm so glad we made the switch from our old reviews platform to because they sure deliver! Not only were we collecting reviews in no time- thanks to their easy to use dashboard and guidance, but they also quickly helped us get our widgets set up, as promised. So far so good with!! I look forward to exploring all we can do with this app. To Kehan, Joe, Leila, and Team- Thank you for being so responsive, kind, and great to work with! Show more
Date: January 28, 2023
Author: Copper Kettle Popcorn
Great value for the price, solid features, supportive staff. Great alternative to Yotpo for emerging brands. Show more
Date: January 24, 2023
Author: MadeFrom
The support team is incredible - they definitely go above and beyond. From setting-up video calls and being available at all times via email, they have the personal touch and service that so many APPs or platforms do not have. Show more
Date: January 23, 2023
Very happy with the app. The support is always available and helps fixing little issues or installing a new feature. Can't complain. Show more
Date: January 23, 2023
Author: Herbal Gardens
Great app, so many features! Also, SUPER helpful team! Sorted out installation of widgets and were incredibly responsive. Thank you Adam! Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: February 01, 2022
Author: Briggs & Things
Stay well clear! I downloaded this app as I wanted to show all product reviews on every product page. I contacted customer services via email with the correct csv required to upload my previous reviews. They informed me they needed more information and if I wishes to upload more reviews it would be $99. This service is actually free with many other apps. They also sent me an email 20 minutes later, before enabling me to reply, saying they were wrapping up the conversation! Why?!? Give at least 24 hours for an email response, it’s not like I was wasting time on a live chat. I then deleted the app and I was called several times about why I had done so. I explained I did not want to discuss it further and blocked the number. They then persistently continued to call me from other numbers and left voice mail messages asking about my business goals. Absolutely appalling after I stated I no longer wanted to work with them. I have now used with no charges, easy to install (so haven’t needed to contact customer service) and app appeared exactly where and how I wished without editing any code. Show more
Date: January 24, 2022
Author: The Original Organic Company
I needed to export the CSV of all reviews on this platform before uninstalling the app (it's pretty pricey when compared to competitors), only to be advised that in order to export reviews I am required to UPGRADE to the next business plan. This is unheard of. I'd do my homework and avoid. UPDATE: I was not told that exporting reviews were possible without paying UNTIL I left this review. The below is the email I received from when I initially asked for the reviews to be exported: Hi Sarah, Thank you for getting back to me. As per conversation with my colleagues in the Sydney office, you can export your reviews but would need to upgrade to our Growing Business Plan , which can be done within the dashboard. Vilash from Show more
Date: August 16, 2021
I won't trust my customer review data with a company that advertised 14 days free trial but charges your credit card after one day? Not to mention that its the only shopify app that won't let you cancel now and only in 30 days. Would you? Show more
Date: December 08, 2022
Author: Toptan Mezar Taşı
Definitely a lousy app. they don't help. stay away. There are positive fake reviews. or try and see. Show more
Date: December 06, 2022
Author: Narcile: Hookah Accessories
they are not helping. I downloaded it twice and then uninstalled it. Special thanks to Adam for your help. Show more

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