Ekoma: Loyalty, Referrals, VIP

Below you can find Ekoma: Loyalty, Referrals, VIP Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Reward Points apps. Ekoma: Loyalty, Referrals, VIP app was developed by Ekoma. The rating is 4.3 based on 65 reviews. Ekoma: Loyalty, Referrals, VIP price Free plan available. 14-day free trial.

Launch date: February, 2019

Ekoma: Loyalty, Referrals, VIP summary.

# Maximize your marketing efforts and grow your business Ekoma is a customer engagement platform offering you the tools to design an engaging shopping experience: * Referral Program * Loyalty Program (Points) * VIP Program * Shopify POS Integration Capitalize on the most efficient marketing strategy: the word of mouth. ## Rewards Ekoma allows you to create all sorts of rewards to incentivize your customers: * Coupons (flat rate, percentage or free shipping) * Freebies (SKUs) * Custom...
Best reviews:
Date: May 19, 2021
Author: Slayy Cosmetics
very nice integration I had downgraded from the price of $149 to $29 a month you can't beat that plus it does way more then my other loyalty program did I can have way more customization and vip tiers than my last u could only so much and then so I'm very happy only down fall is importing my customers point list. Show more
Date: March 18, 2021
Author: Pluviah
I think it's quite complete for the price you pay, its great you can customize many parts. It would be amazing if you can consider including these requests: 1. Include a coupon with shipping percentage discount, where we can select how much discount will be given. 2. Points may expire after x days 3. Expand VIP tier criteria to include an optional time condition, something like this: Points (or whatever) earned When your customers earn between x and y points (optionally: within the last z days), more or less like airlines status. Thanks for this amazing app! Show more
Date: December 09, 2021
Author: Pause Well-Aging
We have just launched this app on our storefront so we need to see how it functions in real time a bit more but it seems to be great so far! The app creator is so helpful which is a blessing !! We liked that this app has ALL the functions available (aka loyalty, referral and VIP) so we don't have to manage all of these separately! Very excited to see how this performs. Will update later! Show more
Date: March 11, 2022
Author: La boite à boucles
Super application! Elle n'apparaissait pas sur ma boutique au début mais cela a été résolu très rapidement. Show more
Date: April 27, 2022
Author: Supernova Salon
Super feature packed for an app at this price level. One of the only loyalty programs that supports VIP tiers out of the box. Lots of styling options and slick looking widget functionality. Birthday, Referrals, Free Gifts, Coupons all work out of the box. Questions were ansered promptly in the chat support windows(by the app developer no less). Overall super happy with it. Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: October 13, 2020
Author: Smalltown Coffee Company
I was offered assistance setting up - but can't get a return email. Really disappointed. Trying to figure it out on my own, but supporting documentation is limited. Show more
Date: October 01, 2020
Author: 落腳點.Localpoint — 生活百貨品牌
I sent 3 emails and no one reply. If you have any problem, please prepare to fix by yourself only. If you uninstall the app, it still keeps their code on your website Show more
Date: September 15, 2020
Author: Arahan Photo
I subscribed for Growing Plan (still in 14days trial), tried emailing 4 days a go no reply, sent a few messages via live chats also no reply, looking and working good app(so far) but without tech support will bring them down eventually. Show more
Date: January 31, 2022
Author: RAAW By Trice
Crappy app. Never had a response from the customerservice. App never works a full day, always offline and gone from the webshop. Would be amazing if it worked, but it doesn't. Show more
Date: January 18, 2022
Author: Shared Wardrobe Store
I would recommend avoiding the app - in general it seems like a good idea but it’s nothing but nightmares and the customer service would much rather tell you how entrepreneurial they are than help you. I received 59 Duplicate emails from the company in the space of 3 days - that doesn’t include all of the other emails from them. Show more

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