AAA Loyalty Rewards Program

Below you can find AAA Loyalty Rewards Program Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Reward Points apps. AAA Loyalty Rewards Program app was developed by AAAeCommerce Inc. The rating is 3.3 based on 6 reviews. AAA Loyalty Rewards Program price $19/month. 30-day free trial.

Launch date: June, 2017

AAA Loyalty Rewards Program summary.

The AAA loyalty Rewards App allows you to quickly set up a reward program on your store. Features of the Loyalty Rewards Program - Give customers reasons to become loyal and come back to your store. - Effective Rewards & Referral Loyalty Program. - Make customers feel cared about by giving points on special occasions. - Refer a Friend - Loyalty Program - Exclusive Loyalty Widgets

AAA Loyalty Rewards Program features.
  • Loyalty Rewards Activity Rules Create rules to give points on signup & birthday.
  • Loyalty Rewards Point Redeem On percentage discount, money off, free product
  • Refer a Friend and Earn Points Refer a Friend is most useful feature of loyalty
Best reviews:
Date: January 21, 2019
Author: Cody’s Collection
Love this app! It seems like more functions were added recently too which is awesome. And i think this is just what I need for my store I am so happy I found this. Show more
Date: October 16, 2018
Author: BulbHead
Excellent app. Does everything it says. One of the best in the market. Very good support and customize the app as required. Show more
Date: July 04, 2018
Author: Izzies Bow Supplies
This app is fantastic, it works perfectly for my business and the support team is outstanding. Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: April 12, 2019
I wish there was a ZERO STAR RATING. I have a huge 50k product store and wanted a loyalty program. Somehow I made the mistake of trying this app. Its been nothing but trouble and I have now sent 3 separate emails for support to which none have been answered. I have approximately 15 apps I use on my store and some are amazing, some are average but only this one is the worst possible excuse for an app I've ever used. I literally hate that Ive spent hours integrating this into my site, hopeful with the possibilities, only to find that it is pure garbage. You've been warned. EDITED TO ADD THE FOLLOWING AFTER DEVELOPER RESPONSE TO MY REVIEW: No, actually you only responded AFTER MULTIPLE ATTEMPTS. By then, so much time had passed that I had deleted the app. I am very, very happy to post screenshots of my emails with no responses if that becomes necessary. I might also add that you went onto my store and joined the loyalty program (that I replaced yours with) under the name JAMES D. with email address of Why exactly did you do this? Again, happy to post a screenshot or share with anyone who would like to see for themselves. The best option at this point would be to own this fumble and not come back and essentially call me a liar. Not good for your business. Show more
Date: November 11, 2018
Author: Fan Club Shirts
They made edits to all of me themes INCLUDING MY BACKUP... MY BACKUP!! DO NOT, I repeat Do NOT trust this company with access to your store for support. I asked a simple question about resolve the height issue of the short code for the page setup because it was creating a scroll. They asked for access to fix it the app to fit my needs, which I already thought was not needed so I did limit their access. I have a web development background, and could tell that the shortcode widgets were not implemented well because it would not have been hard to write into the shortcode to recognize width and height when embedding into a page, but they failed to do this. Well after receiving an email from them that they have made the changes to the app and to take a look. I did, the page was looking fine, however the pop up was also now using the same height settings, so you could not read the whole popup to show the rewards. This obviously at this point I had me thinking clearly this developer is not paying close enough attention to things. Here is where it starting thinking I better check my template to see if I can reverse what they did. There I find that they had created new files in my theme, and they have also created backups. After finding their code and removing it, the changes still were not reversed. I dug around so more trying to figure things out. Eventually I decided to just restore back to before they had logged into my site. Changes still did not reverse. I then restored the backup that they had created, cause I was like "Oh cool, they were smart enough to duplicate those files for backup" After restoring those, the changes STILL were not reversed. Tonight when I got home I decided to just use my backup I had already created from a few days ago. I didn't want to do this because I had already made other hard code changes to the theme since that backup was made, but I was willing to accept the setback. And wouldn't you know it.... THEY HAD EVEN MADE CHANGES TO MY BACKUP, so basically a really expensive theme that I paid for and have spent the last week working on making changes, is screwed up as well. Do not trust these guys with your site. Not worth it. Show more

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