Image Optimizer & SEO Audit

Below you can find Image Optimizer & SEO Audit Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of SEO apps. Image Optimizer & SEO Audit app was developed by Storeya. The rating is 4.9 based on 206 reviews. Image Optimizer & SEO Audit price Free.

Launch date: May, 2018

Image Optimizer & SEO Audit summary.
  • SEO Site Audit. Upon your approval, our system will audit and rank your site for SEO, business, marketing, technical and eCommerce purposes.
  • Benchmark and Analytics. Compare your store with the results of 7 & 8 figures stores. Our report includes steps on how to improve your store's SEO, and site's speed.
  • Image Optimizer. Images are the largest contributor to overall page size. Optimize all of your product images in one-click & improve site speed.

Image Optimizer & SEO Audit features.
  • NEW: Our app now includes an Image Optimizer. The only FREE app on Shopify that will optimize thousands of images for your business in one click!
  • Looking to improve your site's SEO? You've landed in the right place!
Best reviews:
Date: February 07, 2022
Author: Pos-Hardware Ltd
Highlighted the Google Tag was not set up correctly and the Google remarketing. So edited the theme and is now working.
Date: February 15, 2022
Author: Virginia City Motorcycle Company
This was super fast. The image optimization in and of itself was incredible. And it eased my mind on a lot of different issues. Thank you for the free service and being a third party source for website verification. Much appreciated.
Date: February 25, 2022
Author: Essentialgifting
The overall format of the report/audit is superb, would love to see more details on how to resolve areas pointed out for improvement. I would probably say that the majority of users of this app do not have tech or developers background so the language can be useless if not direct and to the point of how to make changes and not willing to take a risk with changing coding. I have purchased the Traffic booster - looking forward to any positive results once approved by Google. I highly recommend adding the app to monitor stats and take steps to raise the bar of store. I also love that you actually have a direct customer contact. I really wish this app offered store speed improvement. Why isn't there one app that does all inclusive optimization, seo, speed, popups, customization etc. Paying for so many different apps to achieve all improvements communicated in an audit with low sales volume is disappointing.
Date: March 23, 2022
Author: Stainky's
I used this app to help me optimize my site. When I've tried similar services previously, they've mostly just provided code or instructions for how I could optimize things myself. This app actually did the work for me, which was friggin awesome. Especially optimizing my images - I literally just clicked a few times and my images were optimized, something I've been struggling to do myself. Thanks Storeya!
Date: March 04, 2022
Author: NaturalTeca
I used this application tonight and until now looks great, finally the images were optimized. And the best, everything of these processes were easily and smooth.

Worst reviews:
Date: March 03, 2019
Author: Handmade In Conifer
This app doesn't do SEO analysis, which is what I expected given the title of the app. The info it tells you could be written in a one page blog posting about what you should think of doing to increase conversion. There is no reason needed to run an "analytics" app to get this kind of information and act on it.
Date: November 19, 2018
Author: Natural Lice Products
Just a app to sell you installer marketing Im sure the reviews are false also which is just like fake news
Date: April 03, 2020
Author: Zoom Boutique Store
It's free to install, but not free to optimize SEO, pretty expensive montly rate compare to similar other apps.

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