Callback Request

Below you can find Callback Request Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Call apps. Callback Request app was developed by HMS Commerce. The rating is 4.8 based on 90 reviews. Callback Request price Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.

Launch date: April, 2018

Callback Request summary.

Turn interested visitors into qualified sales calls. Our results speak for themselves Callback Request will show you exactly who requested a callback and whether or not they ended up buying after. This means you can accurately attribute your sales to our app! Most customers need more information before making a purchase. Offer to call or text them back and close the sale over the phone. Callback will alert you within 2 seconds of your customer’s request. Because faster you call, higher chances they buy.

Callback Request features.
  • Acquire new customers with 1 on 1 attention collecting phone numbers
  • Customize your widget and button to make it look and feel like part of your site
  • Our app will watch to see if customers make a purchase after your call back.
Best reviews:
Date: May 18, 2021
Author: italian-lighting-centre
Incredible app, it has already increased our sales visibly. Thanks for a great app and world class support. Show more
Date: March 25, 2021
This app has the potential to increase my sales exponentially. Ahmad is very knowledgeable about Shopify and e-commerce for higher-priced goods, both of which I found refreshing. We worked on a zoom call, got the app set up, and he even offered to fix a few other minor template issues while he was installing the app. I couldn't be more positive about the experience. Show more
Date: July 20, 2022
Author: ASM MC
I'd just want to leave feedback here saying that CallBack is a really well-made app. Must give a big thanks for the good support and help from the team. Show more
Date: June 09, 2022
Author: Roser Flames
HORRIBLE COMPANY! Good luck trying to get a simple task solved. They will take forever. Specifically a whole month. Still have not got my request done. Update: Call back request reached out to me. I have to say they went above and beyond to ensure satisfaction from me. Having a call with them changed the way I perceive them. They have also sent me blog post. Would definitely ask for that because they are amazing and well worth it. In conclusion I would highly recommend them. they are amazing people to work with. Thank you guys! Show more
Date: August 25, 2022
Author: Pneumatics-pro
Great Service. Great help in Custom Positioning button. Highly recommended if you want to gain customer's trust. Show more

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