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Below you can find Order Custom Tracker Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Order Tracking apps. Order Custom Tracker app was developed by Buddy Apps. The rating is 0 based on 0 reviews. Order Custom Tracker price $6/month. 4-day free trial.

Launch date: December, 2017

Order Custom Tracker summary.

Set custom order messages so that customers can get updates about the order using order number Shopify provides limited order status after placing an order, for example, Order fulfilled, Out for delivery, and Order Delivered. By using our app, you can set any number of order statuses in addition to the above and your customers can see their order status using their order number. The app also has the option to show the Order Lookup form on any page so that your customers can check the status of their orders, even if they don't have an account in your store.

Order Custom Tracker features.
  • Unlimited order status for each order. Re-use order status in another orders.
  • Embedd order status form on any page in your store
  • Customer doesn't need to login to get the order status. Just require order ID

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