Below you can find PrintPro Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Printing apps. PrintPro app was developed by F13 Works. The rating is 2.9 based on 15 reviews. PrintPro price Free.

Launch date: September, 2016

PrintPro summary.
  • Better Experience. Browse our high-quality garments available.
  • Easy to Use. Add your beautiful designs to our high-quality products.
  • Fast Shipping. Receive quick turnaround times for all print on demand orders.

PrintPro features.
  • Print On Demand Services
  • PrintPro on Shopify
  • So what is it?
Best reviews:
Date: July 11, 2019
Author: CapGrad
Best prices I've seen for POD so far including shipping. easy to addd designs and import to Shopify. Nice collection of unique products too Placed a few test orders today after speaking with customersupport wil update once they come in
Date: June 30, 2017
Author: Moodshop Co
Amazing and underrated print on demand provider! Fulfillment at typically 1-2 days is the quickest I've experienced from any Shopify-linked POD company, and they have been very consistent with this in the several months I've been using them. The apparel selection is great, lots of different women's styles and colors that aren't found with other POD companies - I love the Raglan/Baseball tees and comfy and fashionable lightweight sweatshirts. Pricing is great as well. Would love to see a women's muscle tank and/or ringer tees as those are not something I've seen any Shopify-linked POD offer yet. Really hope they continue to stay consistent with their lightning quick fulfillment turnaround and quality. Overall, one of my favorites for POD fulfillment - Thanks Airwaves!!!
Date: June 26, 2017
Author: Soulfaith
they are the fastest shirt printer we have used and good customer service
Date: June 08, 2017
Author: Bar Merch
I've had a lot of success with this app. Design tool is easiest to use out of all the ones ive tried, prices are good and the shipping is fast. Whenever I need support Breanna or her team have always been there for me :) Check out our storeL and let us know if you need bar online merchandise sales help
Date: April 24, 2017
Author: The Chimes
High-quality product, easy to use app, and great margins. Listed a few shirts when we expanded to apparel and received great feedback from customers. Hopefully more garments are added in the future.

Worst reviews:
Date: July 11, 2019
Author: Boho Baby Dreams
Worst app ever. I had over 100+ products with them, well with one of the updates that they constantly do they swipe off my entire shop and DELETED all my products, descriptions, tags, titles, SEO everything is gone, my work of MONTHS gone in 1 day, extremely disappointed and upset, won't use them again obviously and will highly recommend if you are reading this review to go and look for a different app, there are lots of them that will never do this kind of stupidity of deleting all your products. Also, they keep updating and updating the app and just making it worst, looks like they still need lots to work on, I wish I never even had installed it on my store. Update: Your response sound beautiful except is not true, this had never happened before when I uninstalled the app, when I did it was because IT WAS NOT WORKING, but happens that the products were not removed on 5/27 as you said, they were actually removed a month later, on 6/30 ALL the sudden without me not even touching the app. So no, that was not the reason. Thanks.
Date: September 25, 2018
Author: Oh Three XX Gear
This is NOT a print on demand service. This is just Product Pro under a different name. It is a dropshipping app and the interface is frustrating at best. If you are looking for a Print On Demand Fulfillment app, this is not it
Date: December 12, 2018
Author: Samson N Delilahs
Not only is the app awful, but Carly-the-no-help customer service rep is horrific. She is rude, non helpful and just all at around a disgrace to Shopify. If they’re smart, they’ll drop this app altogether. Whatever you do, don’t even try this app! They leave you with no way to modify a design or a products color availability. So pretty much, when you design something and select the colors you want, in a tshirt for example, you can't ever go back in and add or take a color away. You have to completely start the product design over from scratch. This is pretty stupid. If a color isn't selling, or is no longer relevant, I should be able to go in and edit an existing product. In addition, if I think of something I want to add to a design, I should be able to without starting over from scratch. They also don't give you much as far as fulfillment process communication. Once someone places an order, it either says Ordered or Shipped. There's no in between. So I have no idea if it's in the process of being printed, packaged, etc. That's completely ridiculous. The first order that was placed, the customer only received one out of two items. Deleted this app altogether after CONSTANT shipping issues, non-existent customer service. And they don’t even care when they lose a customer.
Date: April 09, 2017
Author: Sourceratetees
By far the worst company to choose for a start up business. I went with AW because I believed they would be a good start for me. I should have known not to go with them when they never returned my basic email questions in regards to cost/samples/production etc. I decided to order samples from them before going LIVE, I'm so glad I did. Their product was amateur at best, the DTG was HORRIBLE no way anyone would pay for their quality of print. My company would have gone down before ever starting if I would just trusted them. The packaging of the product was a joke, when I reached out to ask for an explanation (gave them 72hrs + to respond as a professional courtesy) they did not respond and have yet to ever respond back to one of my emails, and the customer rep over the phone acted as she did not care. THIS COMPANY IS HORRIBLE, DO NOT TRUST THEM. CHECK YOUR WORK IF YOU DECIDE TO GO WITH THEM. THIS IS NOT THE COMPANY YOU WANT.
Date: July 23, 2020
Author: The Mycalien Universe
The very first order was messed up and I was sent a much cheaper hoodie than what was ordered. I was told they would send out the correct hoodie this time. After I asked how I would be sure it wouldn't happen again the answer I got was "well our supplier fixes errors but I understand if you dont want to use us anymore"... like such poor reassurance and basically just letting a customer walk without care. Also took over a week to ship and a total of like 10 days to receive.
Date: September 15, 2018
Author: Nurdtyme
I used this app when they airwave something and used to ship within 2-3 days. Then they rebranded and everything went downhill. Now orders take 10+ to ship and they tracking numbers are missing numbers. I contacted customer support about it and they acknowleged that they were incorrect. Several months later and they still haven't fixed them. I give them an extra star because the quality of the shirts are good but it's not them that make it. They're just a middleman. If you don't mind the shipping times and the quality of the shirt than this is the app for you. If you sell on Amazon or Ebay or are measured by shipping metrics than look somewhere are else. I had to delete all of my listing from this app.

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