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Below you can find Instagram shop by SNPT Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Sell on Instagram apps. Instagram shop by SNPT app was developed by Snapppt. The rating is 4.6 based on 860 reviews. Instagram shop by SNPT price Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Instagram shop by SNPT summary.
  • Instagram Shop. Bring your products to life by turning your photos and videos into customizable shoppable experiences in your store.
  • UGC. Promote your brand via customers who already love it. Automatically capture and tag the best post and videos from your most influential fans
  • Influencer Marketing. Turn the right influencers into a powerful marketing and sales channel with measurable ROI. Track Influencers and discover new ones

Instagram shop by SNPT features.
  • Social Marketing Cloud by SNPT
  • SNPT is an eCommerce suite of tools to help turn your Instagram fans & followers into buyers.
  • SNPT is an Approved Instagram Partner and a Facebook Marketing Partner
  • Visual Shopping
  • User Generated Content
  • Influencer+
  • You already know how this thing works.
  • Join thousands of eCommerce brands using SNPT to boost shopper confidence and optimise their basket size and sales conversions with dynamic social shopping experiences in their store.
  • Get started free!
Best reviews:
Date: June 11, 2021
Good app, the only thing that's missing is that you can't actually show the real engagement of the posts and make the real ig post come up when ppl are clicking on it. Some other apps use this feature and I would love to see it in the future. But out of all the apps, I found this one to be the most user-friendly and it allows me to configure product pages with all our ig posts for the specific products. Would love to see an automated feature for this in the future. Something to automatically see what product tags we have on it posts and automatically show the post on the specific product page. Keep it up.
Date: June 06, 2021
Author: Dodoskin
very good ! It's nice to be able to easily put a feed in the Theme, Thank you so much! I will use it.
Date: May 16, 2021
Author: Sunday Bedding
Although we ran into some issues installing the product page gallery at first, the support team has been super helpful! They helped to solve the header issue too - the style and when we need it to be hidden if there's no products tagged, the support and tech team acted very quickly. The rest of the features are super easy to use, really happy with this app. It would be great if the upload media feature can be included in the Pro plan (maybe with a limit to the number of photos you can upload?) as other users had shared the price for premium is not really accessible for small businesses.
Date: April 22, 2021
Author: MMA Store Peru
Muy buena app. ofrece muchos beneficios en el plan free pero seria bueno que bajen un poco el precio de los planes pagados
Date: April 22, 2021
Author: SOVATS
Great app and seamless installation. This app adds much value to our shop. Very pleased with it + very responsive customer service.

Worst reviews:
Date: May 17, 2021
Author: Vulkit
I filled in the wrong email address when registering. But I found that I was using an abandoned email address, and there was no button to click back or modify the email address except for showing the email verification page. so disappointing!
Date: November 05, 2020
Author: So iLL
The app was originally free - I got it all setup and it really is a nice app. However... 1. They pulled the ol' switch-a-roo on us and changed their business model. Now the free tier is basically useless and we would have to pay a minimum of $30/mo. Now I have their code cluttering our site with the option to pay up or not use it like we were previously. 2. SNPT code fought other code on our site and I had to disable it. Specifically, it fought w/ our Rewards program "" Bummer, because the app is well thought out and nice...just a slimy move to change up pricing like that. Also, it would be nice if they showed their pricing tiers other than "Free to install" - below is the $29.99/mo. tier - essential if you want to actually utilize the app. $29.99/mo Everything in Free, + Video tagging Videos in galleries, Product Pages, Shop the Look cards Custom galleries Unlimited embeddable galleries for your store & web Unlimited product tags Multi product tagging on products & videos UGC Tag your products in User Generated Posts & Videos Hashtag galleries Create custom hashtag filtered galleries Shop the look cards Let customers shop the look in interactive media cards Discreet branding Minify SNPT branding that your customers see in your store Design customisation Get the look you want for all galleries & carousels
Date: May 30, 2020
Author: Morrow Soft Goods
This could be not a bad app - ie. it makes a pretty, shoppable gallery however, I have to tag the products in instagram if i want them to show up on instagram, and THEN I have to tag them AND populate them on our shop page. It does not just pull my tags from IG and auto update our store page. I also can not indicate variant. For our store this is a big deal - like, tagging a product without being able to indicate the COLOR isn't helpful. Lastly, what really made me write this review... these developers are just being plain shitty and removing features and starting to upcharge for basic features. I am not allowed to tag more than one product now?! You've got to be kidding. This is where I find another plug-in. Byyeeeeee.
Date: May 11, 2020
Author: DR3 Athletics
DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME its a separate site that wont even be added to a page using iframe unless thats what you are looking for
Date: March 27, 2020
Author: mabufunhair
Is there any one can help me delete the app code??? what's the fuck!!!!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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