LimeSpot Personalizer

Below you can find LimeSpot Personalizer Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Custom Products apps. LimeSpot Personalizer app was developed by LimeSpot. The rating is 4.8 based on 1539 reviews. LimeSpot Personalizer price From $15/month. 15-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Launch date: January, 2015

LimeSpot Personalizer summary.

Deliver real-time 1:1 product recommendations that can increase conversion rates and AOV LimeSpot Personalizer is an intelligent data-driven personalization platform that marketers and ecommerce professionals use to deliver 1:1 personalized shopping experiences across web, mobile, email and SMS. LimeSpot increases conversion rates, AOV, transaction size, & customer engagement through product recommendations, upsell, cross sell, bundling, & content personalization. Setup is easy & start seeing results on day 1.

LimeSpot Personalizer features.
  • Recommended products on every page including cart, checkout, thank you, & blog
  • Create segments based on browsing & purchase patterns, referrals, location, etc
  • Segment customers in real-time while browsing to deliver relevant experiences
  • Dynamically personalize content on your website for different audiences
  • Split or multivariate test any element on your site and monitor performance
Best reviews:
Date: December 28, 2022
Author: milyxishop
Good support! Quick response support. I had the problem of forgetting to cancel my Limespot payment when the Shopify store was closed. After a while of reopening I contacted Limespot to suggest that it should be free for me during the closure of the store. And they have listened and acknowledged the documents that I have provided. Show more
Date: January 10, 2023
Author: Mine Wrist
Great communication with support, helps with everything. Now i am writing to score 100 words to complete review and just waisted your 5 sec. have a good day. Show more
Date: March 30, 2023
Reymond best support ever! Helped me really much with my problems. GG Reymond MVP. Did some coding and answered all my questions. Show more
Date: April 28, 2023
I am very happy with the app but I am even more happy with the support. Everything is customized on request and time is taken. At this point thanks to Frederick, great support!! Show more
Date: May 05, 2023
Author: Karamul
Nice support Very helpful and friendly.Great App for Cross sell or Up sell Customazion.U can do awesome offers fpr your clients Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: May 29, 2021
Author: Crimson and Clover Studio
Installed the app and at first, I was like wow look at all these sales. Their analytics made it look like it was working. After a few weeks, I realized the product recommendations were linking to my press page. NOT the products. When I asked them how their analytics was tracking if it wasn't going to the product, I received a nonsensical answer with no concrete explanation. I decided to keep Limespot a little longer to see if I could measure it against other analytics tools I have. Then I realized it's showing products that are in draft status and have been removed from the online store channel. They claim to use AI, but the app is showing items that haven't been on sale in a month? That makes no sense. At this point, I have no choice except to conclude this app is a scam and their analytics are senseless. Show more
Date: March 02, 2021
Author: Logpile
Totally misleading charging structure. I am reporting this to Shopify. Be warned - you will be charged hundreds of dollars per month more than advertised!!! Do not install this app. Show more
Date: November 02, 2021
Please be noted: This app charged you based on the total revenue of your store NOT the revenue from THIS APP. You spent so much on social media to get those orders BUT the app will charge you hundreds for that. Their plan is completely insane. I would like to give 0 STARS if there is Show more
Date: January 02, 2022
Author: Educational Toy Shop Online and STEM Supplies Store | KidzInc Australia
I have used the App for a while now and was so surprised to see the amount they were charging based on my stores revenue. I have written to support a few times now, and all I get is a link to change my plan since my store was apparently on the old structure? I have tried doing this and it still doesn't work. No help from Support with this matter and I am very disappointed since I have been using the app for many years. I have removed it as I don't want to pay for something that isn't working for me at this moment. Show more
Date: May 06, 2023
Author: Snakehive US
App does not function correctly. We have on ongoing connectivity issue which stops us being able to configure the app to use on the site. The limespot support team are unable to advise or solve the issue after many weeks. We will be removing the app and looking for apps which do not have any many bugs . . Show more

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